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Chirico Caffè offers through its tutorials to achieve a goal, or trains highly qualified staff who can improve the standard of coffee.

The tutorials that Chirico Caffè offers are for those people who want have a deeper knowledge and education to the world of coffee.

Our educational program is divided into three levels: basic, intermediate and professional, to meet all possible needs.

Do you want more informations on our tutorials? Do you want to enrol to one of them? Or do you want to organize one in your own business? Contact us.

Our tutorials

  • Basic

    This level provides a first Approach to the world of coffee, providing an excellent introduction to the basic abilities of a specific field of this sector.
    No experience required
    Duration: one day

  • Intermediate

    This type of workshop is suitable for all those who are already working in this area, and whey have a good knoledge of all the basic skills.
    Experience equired: Good knoledge of basic level
    Duration: 1/2 days

  • Professional

    The advanced level is designed for those who want to do their specialist knoledge of the coffee sector, goint to train higly qualified staff.
    Experience equired: Extensive Experience
    Duration: 2/3 days

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