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  • Chirico Caffè

    Green coffee is a unique product of its kind. it is distingued from the classic coffee because it is not subjected to the process of roasting: this is reason of its color, the same of natural seeds.

    The big difference, however, is in its properties. Among the main benefits of green coffee are especially its antioxidant effects and its action favoring weight loss, thanks to the caffeine. The green coffee contains less caffeine, this is present in the form of Clorogenato, a molecule that is absorbed more slowly by the body. This means a more lasting in time and fewer disturbances due to caffeine in blood.

    The green coffee contains this substance, therefore, to which you attach slimming properties: while promoting the release of fat cells from adipose tissue, thanks to the lipolytic actionof methylxanthines, as matter of fact the caffeine is able to activate some physiological mechanisms, encouraging the trasformation of facts and sugar into energy.

    The green coffee is also a great help to control blood glucose and does so in the reduction of sugars into fat reserves.

    It contains chlorogenic acid, able to limit the process of transformation of glycogen into glucose. Also, it has a direct action on the intestinal mucosa, which makes it more difficult for the same absorption of sugars. Among the properties of green coffee that promote weight loss.It also involves loss of hunger.

    THIS allows you to better controlo your diet, limiting snacks between meals and the possible attacks of nervous hunger. The green coffee also has a PH of around 5, aganist 3-3.5 of roasted coffee. The green coffee presents a less acidity than the classic one, and for this reason is less irritating to the stomach.

Documento senza titolo