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  • Chirico Caffè

    The most famous legend about origins of coffee wants the prodigious effects of the unknowk plant have been discovered in the area of yirgacheffe, thanks to a shepherd and to his curious goats, become very lively having tasted some beans.

    This is a real "Place of Pilgrimage" for all fans of the beverage yirgacheffe is located in southern ethiopia, where it grows one of the varieties of arabica finest in the world.

    A natural cradle: here the plant is also born spontaneously, and it thrives in lush plantations and into high altitudes. The coffee cultivation is an important economic source for the region, but it is mainly an integral part of the social and cultural life of its inhabitants.

    Because here, as the old proverb says, "Buna Dabonaw": The coffee is our bread.

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