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something about us

Chirico Caffè Company

In over thirty years of activity Chirico caffè has managed over the years to develop an organization made up of a men and means able to guarantee a constant and accurate and to respond promptly to customer's needs with a high quality product to spread art and culture of italian espresso in the world.

For our blends we use high quality products in order to get an fragrant, full and harmonious espresso with a persistent and intense cream.The mixture , result of a decade of experience, combines coffee from different characteristics and ensure consistency of taste.

  • Why Chirico Caffè?

    - Because the coffes are selected directly from the plantations of the places of origin.
    - Because in the name of tradition we chose to roast separately each variety of coffee.
    - Because, having an experience over twenty years, we are always attentive to the customer's. needs.

  • Who trust?

    - For the seriousness and passion of those who work every day to give you the best coffee.
    - For the quality of the raw materials for packaging , to offer to the customer the product in all its freshness and fragrance.

Chirico Caffè

Discover the pleasure we can offer to your senses.

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