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  • Espresso Bar Blu

    You can recognize full round and intense taste, mixture of strong taste, Espresso "BAR BLU" contains the highest percentage of Robusta coffee among all blends coffee bar Chirico. Particularly suitable for those who like to feel the long after taste strong coffee.

  • Espresso Bar Verde (green)

    Soft and delicately aromatic, with the sweet flavor of central american arabica and the intense aroma of chocolate asian robusta. The balance between aroma and body is perfect. For those who loves a delicate, fragrant and light coffee, but at the same time dense.

  • Espresso Bar Nero (Black)

    Designed for connoisseurs' taste, the most valuable of the blends. The fruity Aroma is slightly more acid than washed Arabica of central and South America.

  • Espresso bar nero Arabica

    The soft aftertaste of this quality mixture, persists on the palate of those who have had the pleasure of tasting it. A Coffee of quality, sweet, dense and extremely aromatic, all thanks to the inimitable flavor of central american arabica.

  • Espresso Bar Verde Decaffeinated

    For those wanting the pleasure of light coffee, without sacrificing the density and the taste. Precious coffee blends subjected to natural process of decaffeination, offer the one product, densed and balanced.

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