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The taste of Naples in the world!

We guarantee a costant service and accurate and we respond soon to customer' s needs with high quality product to spread the art and culture of italian "Espresso" in the world.



  • Fernando Chirico
    Ceo & Founder
  • Alessia Boyko
    Sales Manager Estero
  • Team 3
    Responsabile Vendite

Why chirico caffè?

  • Because the coffes are selected directly from the plantations of the places of origin

  • Because in the name of tradition we chose to roast separately each variety of coffee

  • Because, having an experience over twenty years , we are always attentive to the customer's needs

Who Trust?

  • For the seriousness and passion of those who work every day to give you the best coffee

  • For the quality of the raw materials for packaging, to offer to the customer the product in all its freshness and fragrance

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